Investment in the art industry can be lucrative in Ghana

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The fastest growing and talked of record label in Ghana today, zylofon media has indeed proven that investment in the creative art industry in Ghana can be lucrative. Zylofon media is a conglomerate that aims at producing indigenous artist and art work that would fit universal standards.

In an interview with Kofi Asante, host of the work and happiness show on A1 radio, the public relations officer of  zylofon media, Sammy Baah Flex,stated that, the creative art industry is a venture that can bring gains to individuals as well as the country just as investment in the oil industry can do.

He noted that investment in the art industry has not really been given attention by government because it is still an unclear issue as to whether the government or individuals should be doing the investment in the art industry.

He, however indicated that Zylofon media is in, to rescue the collapsing industry but also used the opportunity to invite other investors to salvage the industry from collapsing by investing in the art of Ghanaian talents.



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