Retired Educationist Kicks against Proposal to Extend Teaching Hours of Basic Schools

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A retired educationist in Bolgatanga, Robert Ajene has kicked against a proposal to extend the current closing time of basic schools from 2pm to 4pm.

The minister of education, Mathew Opoku Prempeh justifying the drastic reform said the ministry is talking to National Council for Curriculum Assessment, a regulatory body in charge of the timetable, to review the schedule to coincide with the closing time of parents from work.

But speaking to A1 radio’s ‘Day Break Upper East’ Mr. Ajene said the situation could be stressful and of no value to the children “who are supposed to have accomplished everything in the school from whatever time they start to 2pm”

He added that if the education ministry considers implementing the measures then it should be prepared to motivate teachers well enough to take up the additional hour.

“The teacher is right to say that if you don’t pay me I wouldn’t do extra work. You are overloading the teacher who is already not happy with what he is supposed to do because he is not motivated”

Mr. Ajene however, urged parents to be responsible towards their wards education.

“If you are such a business man that you think all your time is for your business and not for your child, it is irresponsible parenthood.”

Mr. Ajene added that “if you are a parent who will drive your child to the school, the child runs to the school, you don’t even stop to greet the teacher. When you come back for your child, you sit in the car and blow your horn ‘peep peep’, the child comes in and you drive off, this is irresponsible parent”.

By: Joshua Asaah||Ghana



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