Bolgatanga Assembly to flush out squatters in new market

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Bolgatanga assembly to flush out squatters in new market

Bolgatanga Municipal chief executive, Amiyuure Joseph has given indication to sack squatters in the Bolgatanga municipal new market.

The assembly, some years ago provided sheds for trading in the old market.  However, some traders who own sheds there have abandoned them to trade at the new market with the excuse of low patronage. The unoccupied sheds at the old market are turned into toilets, urinals and brothels by some miscreants.

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The mad rush by traders to acquire sheds at the new market has now created congestion there. Scores of squatters, traders and hawkers have taken over sides of roads in the new market thereby making shopping difficult to costumers.

But as a matter of decongesting the new market, Mr. Amiyuure has hinted to flush out traders who trade at unapproved sites in the new market.

“We are going to decongest those that are on the road in the new market and make sure that they come in the old market. There are women who have abandoned the old market to the new market and now that we have fixed the gates of the [old] market, we will ensure that we decongest and make sure those who are on the road return to the old market”

He said this during the assembly’s maiden town hall meeting.

On traffic regulation, Mr. Amiyuure blamed the region’s lack of technical persons to put back to use all faulty traffic lights in the municipality. A situation he said is affecting vehicular and human movements.

By: Joshua Asaah||Ghana




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