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Kundivi Mahama to revive legendary Uppers International Dance Band

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Kundivi Mahama, known as Amadu Abdul Rashid Mahama, is set to release his upcoming song “Afara’nga,” as a powerful tribute to the renowned Uppers International Dance Band that graced the stages of northern Ghana from the 1960s to the early 1980s.

The Uppers International Dance Band was more than just a musical group; it was the pride of northern Ghana and the Upper East Region, establishing a distinct style and genre that should have been documented and preserved for posterity, according to Kundivi Mahama.

Their unique sound and influence were a cultural treasure, yet after the band’s collapse, the spotlight shifted towards the promotion of the Kologo, a two-string guitar that became a worldwide instrument, overshadowing the Uppers Band’s legacy.

“This band was the pride of northern Ghana and upper East region to be specific, they became a style and genre which should have been documented and taped till date. But after their total collapse, everything changed to the promotion of the Kologo which is the best thing that ever happened to the upper East region, bacause that promotion gave us a worldwide instrument called the KOLOGo(two string guitar),” he said.

Undeterred by the passage of time, Kundivi Mahama has undertaken a careful study of the Uppers International Band’s music, drawing inspiration from their unique sound and ethos. “‘AFARA’NGA’ is a Sahel Soul rendition coupled with a northern Ghana touch,” he explains, introducing a new genre term he calls “UppersLife.”

“The easier genre definition would be what I call UppersLife, just like Highlife in southern Ghana. UppersLife has an Upper East influence.”

Kundivi Mahama has crafted a sound that resonates with themes of unity, development, and the empowerment of black communities, particularly in northern Ghana. Collaborating with producers ApaskaBeat and Eilbeat, he has woven together a tapestry of rhythms and melodies that transcend boundaries, inviting listeners to embrace a shared struggle for a better world.

“Afara’nga” is the fourth release from Kundivi Mahama’s upcoming album, following the success of “Tafaama,” “Sheiwuna,” and “Yinemi” featuring Soorebia. The artist plans to unveil the full album later this year, with “Afara’nga” scheduled to be released on Sunday, May 12th, 2024. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting project and the visionary sound of Kundivi Mahama.

Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Portia Dogbe|Bolgatanga

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