U/E: Fix defunct traffic lights to avoid needless accidents – Taxi Drivers to Municipal Assembly

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Taxi Drivers in the Upper East region are asking the Bolgatanga Municipal Assembly to as a matter of urgency work on the faulty traffic lights in the regional capital.

According to them, a number of accidents which could avoided has been recorded as a result of the faulty traffic lights in the regional capital.

Speaking to Sulemana Akurugu on A1 Radio’s ‘Reporters Visit’, Michael Ayine, a taxi driver who works from the Taxi Rank to the Bolgatanga hospital indicated that the situation is worrying and does not speak well of a regional capital like Bolgatanga.

He indicated that drivers have had to suffer the brunt of the carelessness of people in power who should have fixed the traffic lights some months ago. He indicated that motor riders take advantage of the blunder to ride recklessly and that has brought about several crashes which could have been avoided.

Another driver who spoke to A1 Radio said “it is a worry. They say drivers don’t like traffic and that we jump traffic all the time but that is not the case. Traffic Lights regulates movement and the absence of it brings chaos to the roads because people do what they want without regard for the law. They need to work on this. I believe the regional minister is listening to me and he listens so he will ensure that they are worked on”.

Traffic lights in the Upper East regional capital, Bolgatanga have not been functioning for over five months; a situation which has made the region to record several needless accidents which could have been avoided if the traffic lights were functioning.

Our checks with the Bolgatanga Municipal Assembly indicate that the Assembly does not have engineers to fix the light. Engineers are expected to travel from Greater Accra to Bolgatanga to fix the traffic lights hence the delay.




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