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Broken traffic lights in UER: A case of negligence or lack of maintenance culture?

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This is one of the Upper East Regional hospital runabout traffic lights lying on a barrel. This traffic light is one of the new ones installed at vantage points to regulate traffic flow in the regional capital; Bolgatanga.

This traffic light was installed somewhere in September 2020; less than three years ago. A reckless driver is said to have knocked it down and sped off.

About two of these types and two of the overhead traffic lights were installed at this particular intercession. One was knocked down less than a year of installation. This particular one has been like this for more than three months now.

The staff and management of the authorities: Ghana Urban Roads Directorate, Ghana Roads and Highways, National Road Safety Authority (NRSA), the MTTD of the Ghana Police Service, and the Bolgatanga Municipal Assembly, use the stretch of the road but none of them seem to turn their attention to it.

For close to four months now, the hospital junction traffic lights have not been working. Also, not even one police personnel is stationed there to direct traffic.

According to the MCE of Bolga, there are only a few technicians in the country who can fix these faulty traffic lights. But in the meantime, can police MTTD personnel be stationed there to help road users?

Are we waiting for a tragedy to happen before action can be taken?

Just in front of the Regional Police Headquarters, two of the newly installed tragic lights have been knocked down by reckless drivers. What is wrong with us? Can’t we even maintain the little we have? How can we ask for more if we can’t maintain the few existing ones?

One of the newly erected street lights around MTN main office junction has just been knocked down on the don of 18th June, 2022.

Security authorities in the regional capital should up their game and clamp down on these uncultured drivers who destroy public property in this careless manner.

If for nothing at all their names should be published for the media to name and shame this unruly behaviour to serve as deterrence to others else public funds will continue to be used to fix what common sense should fix.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1 MHz|Samuel Adagom|Bolgatanga|Ghana

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