B/A: Chief Imam never drunk Coca Cola to the tune of fifteen thousand cedis; Abronye DC lied

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The Muslim Community in the Brong Ahafo region has asked Abronye DC to retract and apologize claims that the Regional Chief Imam drunk coca cola to the tune of fifteen thousand Ghana cedis in the office of the the then Brong Ahafo regional minister, Eric Opoku.

According to Saulla Abdallah, who speaks for the Chief Imam, the Brong Ahafo regional chief Imam has never drunk coca cola during any of his visits to the Regional Minister.

He indicated that the Muslim community is infuriated by the lies and disrespect for the revered Chief Imam.

“Does he think the Chief Imam is just some boy who is walking on the streets to make such wild allegations at him? He needs to come and prove to us that our Chief Imam could drink coca cola to the tune of fifteen thousand cedis. Even can the whole country’s muslims cannot drink such number of crates.”

Saulla Abdallah indicated that the Muslim community in the Brong Ahafo is peeved and expect a retraction and an apology adding that the National Council of the NPP should call him to order.

“He made the allegation on radio so we expect that he will come back and aplogise for disgracing the Chief Imam. If he says he has evidence, he should come and prove to the world that our Chief Imam has drunk that number of crates of coca cola.”

The Brong Ahafo regional youth organiser, Abronye DC alleged that the former Brong Ahafo Regional Minister, Eric Opoku served the Brong Ahafo regional Chief Imam coca cola to the tune of fifteen thousand Ghana cedis when he paid him in visit in his office. 




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