“Don’t Give Your Mobile Money PIN to Any Human Being”- Nii Adotey Mingle – MTN

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MTN’s General Manager Northern Sector, Nii Adotey Mingle has admitted that crimes related to the use of Mobile Money is a worry to the Mobile Telecommunication Company too.
He has assured the public that, the MTN has no hand in whatever crime is perpetrated against a costumer, and wants the public to rather be alert and very careful in managing their Mobile Money accounts.
According to Mr. Mingle, MTN has been doing Town Hall meetings and taking advantage of public durbars and events, as well as various media platforms, to educate costumers on how to manage their Mobile Money accounts and PINs, so as to ward off criminals from robbing them.
“MTN does not have access to any customers’ Mobile Money PIN and that is why we have insisted that, customers should keep their Mobile Money PINs secret and never release it to any human being. The Mobile Money PIN is like your signature to your Bank Account; I don’t think anyone will easily agree to sign a document for someone else to withdraw from his or her Bank Account. You must protect your Mobile Money PIN, like you do to your Bank Account. We at MTN are doing our best to prevent all forms of Mobile Money crimes.” Mr. Mingle advised.
The MTN Northern Sector General Manager was speaking at the 2018 edition of the MTN-Stakeholders and Editors Forum held at the Akayet Hotel in Bolgatanga, in the Upper East Region.
Mr. Mingle noted that, the Mobile Money medium of transaction has come to stay and customers have to be serious with it.
“We are partnering with the Police to help in the investigation and prosecution of people who will be caught to have perpetrated crimes related to Mobile Money. We will continue to educate the public on how to prevent Mobile Money crimes, but the public has to be alert and play their part to address this issue.” He noted.
In recent times, many customers have lost huge sums of money through various forms of Mobile Money fraud, in some cased, Mobile Money Vendors have lost their lives due to physical encounters with criminals.
He urged the public not to allow themselves to be deceived with the juicy messages from fraudulent texters, over lottery and promo wins.
“MTN will not text to inform you of winning any of our promotions, we will call the customer. Even if we are texting anything to a customer from MTN, it will come on 0244 300000. Please let’s be alert.”
Source: a1radioonline.com / 101.1MHz / Ghana



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