2018 HAMISOC Final Slated for October 20

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Football over the years has fostered unity. Apart from its aesthetic importance, it employs a higher percentage of the world’s population.

The development of the sport has been instrumental in the development of Ghana and plays key roles in ensuring that the sustainable development goal number one is achieved.

Against this backdrop, Fehna Entertainment and Charger Limited; producers of Ghana’s Herbal Bitters of Finest Quality, Happy Man Bitters and Onaapo Atadwe Ginger hatched an idea of fostering unity and promoting Colts football in Ghana with focus on the Kasena Nankana Municipality of the Upper East Region.

The idea was christened “Happy Man Bitters Inter Community Soccer Competition” known by many as “HAMISOC”.

The two entities walked their talk in 2016 when the maiden edition took place. Assembling sixteen teams in a league which run for three months, the youth who have an undying love for football took up the challenge and exhibited exquisite football talents.

Their ability to keep their spectators interested in the games that run for three months was an indication of the sprouting talents exhibited throughout the period of the tournament.

Amidst funfair, the competition came to a close with Crocodile stars emerging as winners. In accomplishing the vision of the games, Crocodile Stars joined the national Division one league in 2017 and represented the Upper East Region.

Picking up the strengths and working on the weaknesses from the maiden edition, the second edition took place in 2017 with better developments in sectors of the tournament that had deficiencies in the maiden edition.

The second edition had sixteen teams partaking. Talents were exhibited amidst funfair. The games attracted several spectators from the various Municipalities and Districts in the Upper East region.

In the end, Pungu FC emerged champions on the day and never rested on their loins but rather took up the challenge to make exploits with the exposure they gained from the tournament.

HAMISOC once again produced a division three football club out of Pungu FC which was just a community football team.

HAMISOC has come to stay to drive the agenda of developing the game of football in Ghana.

Like previous years, the group stages are done with and the final of the tournament will take place on Saturday, October 20. Talents will be exhibited amidst funfair. Colts football which has seen a diminishing return over the years will be given a new dimension and definition.

The exploits of HAMISOC in fostering unity in the Kasena Nankana Municipality and its focus on scouting great talents from the Municipality in the Upper East region cannot be overlooked.




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