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Slim Busterr’s Wedding For Court!

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Slim Busterr
Slim Busterr

Renowned dancer-cum-musician Slim Busterr seems to have bitten more than he can chew in his attempt to marry a new wife, as one of his daughters is reportedly preparing to get a court injunction to stop his planned wedding, News One has gathered.

This is the second time Slim is involved in a fracas over marriage after it was reported he once nearly married Abena, the current wife of highlife musician Kwabena-Kwabena.

Silm has been in the news recently over challenges he is facing in his quest to wed a new wife and one report had it that his Europe-based daughter (from a previous marriage) warned him.

She said, “Marry my mother else I will disown you as a father if you go ahead to marry a different person.” News One gathered that over the weekend, Slim was invited to a family meeting during which it was pointed out to him that his daughter had made known to the family her intention to head to court to stop his impending marriage.

The dancing musician however remains adamant and insists he has a right to marry a woman of his choice and that the marriage would come off at all cost.

Meanwhile, two other women Silm dated in the past are also reported to have planned to disrupt the upcoming wedding. “They have warned me that I should not make the attempt which I will regret,” Slim told News One.

Slim Busterr explained what exactly transpired between him and Kwabena-Kwabena’s wife: “Listen well okay. Let me say Abena (Kwabena Kwabena’s wife) has been a very good friend for years or even decades.

Listen, where she lives is not far from where I live and I quite remember that when she competed in the Embassy Pleasure pageant in the 80s or so, I was actively in dance and music. I had some fame and I was always with the Embassy Pleasure team wherever they went.

Now here was a beautiful lady who stays in my area and I was a star and she wanted to become a star. So we meet often, we talk always and we misbehave sometimes but not to the extent people think. We were never married.”

Source: News One

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