It was not long ago after the President of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Addo Akufo, announced that people living in the diaspora (African-Americans and Caribbean) have every right of return and the right of abode either in Ghana or any country in Africa.

This message really sunk well in the ears of many blacks living in the diaspora; making some of them to start investing and establishing businesses in various Africa countries for themselves or for their children.

A 44 years old African–American historian, Anthony McDonald is among some blacks living in the diaspora, who have made some investments in Africa.

He has been exploring Africa for over 8 years and upon hearing President Nana Akufo Addo’s message, urging African-Americans to return and invest in Africa, decided to set up a Chocolate and Candy Manufacturing Company in Uganda for his sons (Anthony Monte McDonald Jr and Khari McDonald).

The Company by named Monte Brothers Cacao Products, LLC is expected to make use of the country’s Cocoa beans as its raw materials for production.

The Historian said, his love for Africa began when he was exploring Africa after he finished writing his history book titled “RISEN: From Jamestown to the White House” and upon learning so much about Africa and after hearing the Ghanaian President’s message, decided to establish a Company in Africa.

Anthony McDonald explained that, the only way African-American living in the diaspora can return to their original homes in Africa is when they start setting up businesses in African countries and taking advantage of opportunities such as one that has been promised by President of Ghana, Nana Akufo Addo.

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Anthony McDonald said: “When my eldest son told me that he wanted to be an Entrepreneur and needed to buy a business license which cost $85,000, I told him that, the easiest way to raise such money in America was through selling Candy bars. And for him to satisfy his customers with good Candy bars, I have to establish a company for him in Africa, where the company can get access to organic raw materials like Cocoa beans for quality Candy bars. … he agreed for the Company to be built in Uganda, for him to succeed in his dream of becoming an Entrepreneur, and also to be supplying quality Candy bars for his customers in the United State of America.”

Anthony McDonald has married a Uganda woman and has a 3 months old baby with her, after his 8 years tour and exploration of same African countries.

The Ugandan Company will be owned by his two sons and will be producing two brands of Choco based Candy bars, to be called ChocoCrowd and Khari Bars.

McDonald has encouraged his fellow Africans across the diaspora to visit their Africa homes anytime, since Africa is the only place for black people.

Source: | 101.1 MHz | Moses Apiah




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