Despite the establishment of the Rent Control Office, under the Rent Control Act (Act 220) 1963 in Ghana, which gave authorization to the Rent Control Division, to be a body in charge of monitoring and establishing guidelines to manage the tenant-landlord relationship, many tenants in Ghana are still subjected to some unkind treatment by their landlords.

Visits to some tenants in their various homes in the Bolgatanga Municipality, revealed, some of them actually know the Act, but are “toothless” to their landlords; making them sometimes kneel to their landlords in order to have a peaceful stay in the house.

Adongo Evans, 34 years, said sometimes he pity himself for not having his own house or a single room to live in, because where he is living, his landlord sees him to be lazy person and increases the rent anytime he wants.

“… sometimes he closes the main gate at 10:00pm without any reason and if one dare to ask him, that day will be the person eviction day.” He said.

Solomon Tiah, 25 years, said anytime there is an issue about light or water bills, his landlord will not consult any tenant and only gives them any amount that he thinks one can pay.

Ayine Victoria, 28 years, believes some landlords are not being fair to tenants and sometimes if the landlords proposed to a female tenant and she refuses, “… that will be your last day to stay in his house.” She added.

Indeed, some landlords accepted the claims made by some of the tenants, also complained that some tenants sometimes act mischievously in terms of taking proper care of the rooms or houses they have rented.

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“Imagine I have rented out a room to you, and after you have finished paying, you then decided that, you will no longer keep house neat except your room. What type of tenant is that? No way, that kind of tenant will not be entertained in my house.” One landlord said.

Source: | 101.1 MHz | Moses Apiah




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