General Manager of Naara Rural Bank, Samuel Namoog has called on Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) across the Upper East Region and the country as a whole, to collaborate with rural and community banks to grow local economies.

To this end, Samuel Namoog who was speaking for all other rural and community banks, has suggested that, the Assemblies should channel their shares of the District Assemblies Common Funds through the rural and community banks within their catchment areas.

According to him, apart from rural and community banks being capable of protecting their Common Funds, the banks also have what it takes to help the Assemblies to achieve their core mandate of economically empowering their people.

Samuel Namoog made the appeal in an interview with A1 Radio 101.1MHz in Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region. He was answering a question on how rural and community banks can have more money to support the growth of the districts and communities they operate in.

In the midst of banking crisis in Ghana, Mr. Namoog said rural and community banks are doing very well and that is why they have not been affected by what is causing some universal banks to either collapse or struggle to survive.

“Rural and community banks have the capacities that the Assemblies look out for before choosing a bank to work with. We are all connected to a nationwide rural and community banking network and so you can withdraw your money from anywhere in the country.”

Source: | Moses Apiah | Ghana



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