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Step down for the young guys to contest – Nabdam youth tell Boniface Gambila

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The one term Member of Parliament (MP) for Nabdam Constituency in the Upper East Region under the erstwhile administration of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Boniface Gambila in a desperate move to contest the seat again has flaunted pictures of projects he claimed were executed by him while in office.

The former Upper East Regional Minister who took to his Facebook handle on July 7, 2019 to display the pictures also outlined his thematic areas. These include, “Teaching you how to fish, probity and accountability – strong moral principles, honesty and decency to community and society and networking jobs to empower the unemployed.”

With the slogan; Education + Employment +Empowerment, Mr. Gambila hopes to recapture the seat from the opposition National Democratic Congress’s legislator, Dr. Kurt Nawaane who snatched from him in 2016.

Interestingly, his Facebook post has given him a clear indication of what most of the young folks of the Elephant’s party in the constituency think about his second coming as they have sent a strong signal to him to give way for youthful person to contest.

One of the respondents reacted; “Step down for the young guys to contest. If you needed the seat you wouldn’t have played that lazy politics for NDC to win it. Shame on you.”

In a quick rebuttal, Mr. Gambila wrote, “how much did u contribute to my buying drinks and cola so that I wouldn’t be lazy. How many votes did u bring in? Did u even get yr house votes for npp not my laziness; since u paid me to work for u.”

“Are you contesting hon.? I think it’s Mike Zuri”, another person reacted.

“I can match Hon. Gambila boot for boot as an independent candidate for Nabdam. Mark my words.” this was also a reaction by another person.

However, this response attracted the wrath of another person believed to be loyal to Mr. Gambila. He wrote, “You can’t even match my polling station women’s organiser. Know your level and stop these verbal reasoning problems. It will serve you good.”

One week ago, Mr. Gambila disclosed to A1News his intention to contest in the parliamentary primaries of the NPP later this year.

Mike Zuri
Mike Zuri

Within that same week, Mike Zuri, the man known to be loved by both NDC and NDC in the constituency, also announced his intention to contest his mentor and former MP. His announcement, however, was not expected by many as he had earlier indicated to A1 NEWS that he would not contest if Mr. Gambila was interested in the seat again.

Meanwhile, our checks have revealed that the decision of Mr. Zuri to contest in the primaries and ultimately the parliamentary election was as a result of pressure on him from some renowned personalities within the NPP and NDC in the constituency who see him as a development oriented person who can champion their developmental agenda.

With these developments, it means the battle line has now been drawn between Boniface Gambila and Mike Zuri.

While Mike Zuri comes with youthfulness and a lot of energy, and seen by many as development-centered personality, Mr. Gambila says he comes with experience and track record.

From what has gathered, and what we have monitored from the Facebook posts, there is an indication that the second coming Boniface Gambila shall face stiff opposition within the rank and file of his own governing party especially from the youth.|101.1MHZ|Ghana

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