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Meet Kalybos, the only boss with one ‘S’

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For many weeks now, the comic character who has dominated radio and television by way of commercials has been the new actor on the block, Richard Asante aka Kalybos.

His commercial for Airtel which carries the popular catch phrase, “the only boss with one ‘s’ bosso baako pe,” seems to have overtaken all others of similar type.

But those who know Kalybos say that he is not exactly new as he has endeared himself to many social media users with short comedy videos which are downloaded for free. These include  the  Good Samaritan, Fat Bell, One Bottle, The Pharmacy Wahala, Tweaa and Kalybos goes to Brazil.

“I want to bring a change in the Ghanaian comedy to prove a point that all is not lost. Kalybos is the new thing  to happen to Ghanaian comedy and I have come to stay” he told Showbiz on Monday.

Talking about how he came into comedy, Kalybos said he used to rap in his Suhum Secondary Technical days and wanted to be a musician after completing school. But he rather became a camerman when a friend connected him to movie producer, Shirley Frimpong Manso’s Sparrow Productions where he worked for three years.

During his days as a camera man, Kalybos developed an interest in acting because he had the opportunity to meet many of the Ghanaian movie stars on set.

Currently a second year student of NAFTI, Kalybos said he  met Kofi Asamoah, a course mate who was a movie director and producer  and expressed interest to work with him.

While working together for almost a year, both came up with an idea to do a short comedy video titled Boys Kasa. The comedy video was first intended to be shown on television, but looking at the high cost of buying television air time, they decided to release the videos on social media.

When all was set to shoot their first comedy video, the producer and Kalybos and two other members who had invited a student of the University of Ghana to be the comic character failed to turn up after waiting for more than three hours.

As disappointed as the crew members were,  Kalybos then volunteered to give it a try even though the producer had no hope in him. After two or three takes, the crew members decided to call it a day and edit whatever they had on tape.

According to Kalybos, the producer was not interested to look at the final editing because he knew nothing good could come out from him. The producer later got convinced when he saw the positive comments he read on social media when the first video was uploaded.

Explaining how he came by the name  Kalybos, he said during his secondary school days, he wanted a name that could stick in the minds of everybody and he felt Kalybos would do the magic.

“I can’t be competing with my bosses that is why I chose to spell my name Kalybos, the only boss with one ‘S’ to differentiate me from my bosses” he said.

About how his team gets ideas for his funny videos, Kalybos said his team of four under KOFAS Media brainstorm about what should go out taking into consideration everyday life situations.

On his take about the Ghanaian comedy scene, Kalybos believes there are great talents in Ghana who would do well when given the opportunity.

The 26-year-old actor said that, although Ghana is not there yet in terms of comedy, he believes he can make a difference by adding up to the likes of Funny Face, DKB and KSM whom he believes are doing well.

Asked whether he could match up to the Nigerian comedians if he is given the opportunity, Kalybos said he has not yet mustered standup comedy but believes he would do well if he learns it.

His favourite comedian has always been Funny Face who is a close friend of his. “When Funny Face calls me that people say I am overtaking him, I always tell him he is the boss because I admire him a lot and look up to him”

According to him, getting the opportunity to do an advert for Airtel shows that he is doing a good job and entreats Ghanaians to rally behind him.

Source: graphic.com.gh

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