A former Division 1 League Board member and C.E.O of F.C Tanga, Humul-Khrusum Tahiru, has declared her intention to contest the Regional Football Association Chairmanship in the Upper East Region.

Madam Tahiru who is also a Sports presenter at A1 Radio in Bolgatanga, has joined a short list of persons who want to contest the Regional Football Association Chairmanship. Her major objective is to make the association attractive and respected and also empower club owners with information so as to be able to manage their clubs better and contribute meaningfully to the RFA.

Though her declaration came as a surprise to her radio fans, many sports lovers in and out of the region have already started throwing their support behind her; reasons being that, she is the first female sport personality who has come out to contest for the RFA Chairman position in the Upper East Region.

Over the years, due to the unfair playing field and manipulation of the electoral process, no woman has tried to contest for the position and even men who have tried, have often been disadvantaged deliberately thereby preventing them from contesting.

After announcing her intentions to contest the RFA position on Monday, she promised to use her network and lobbying skills to attract external support for local clubs and revive the Regional Football Association from coma.

“The RFA in the region has not been attractive because the clubs have not been empowered to contribute meaningfully to the association. It takes the clubs to make the association better; here is the case the clubs don’t know much about the association and even their own status and standing with the association.

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The former F.C Tanga C.E.O noted that, one other reason that pushed her to contest for the RFA chairman position is the need to reverse the decline in sporting activities in the region.

“People who used to invest or sponsor our grassroots football in the various communities and towns have stopped and the reasons are that they have realized that they do not get any milage in exchange for their sponsorship. If the clubs are empowered to understand why people or businesses sponsor their activities, they will be able to attract sponsorship and retain them. It is unfair to deliberately keep the club owners in the dark and frighten them, just because some persons want to continuously use them them for electoral gains.” She explained.

She noted also that the region could have been a sporting hub for many football clubs in the country if Sport Administrators were focused on boosting the grassroots sports in the various districts in the region.

“The region is blessed with talented footballers for both young men and women, but the problem is, many club owners and administrators lack the ideas and courage to push these young ones up to the national level.” She added.

She, however, explained that if given the opportunity to represent the region as the next regional chairperson of the Regional Football Association, she will make sure the region regains its status as it used to be in those days.

Source: A1radioonline.com | Moses Apiah | Ghana




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