Leader and Founder of Billa Ministries in Bolgatanga,Prophet Joseph Billa says, without money ,man is nothing on earth and no one will associate or respect a poor person.

In a Facebook live broadcast ,the Prophet observed that money serves as an antidote to most of the challenges facing mankind hence, every human being should endeavor to make money to able to survive.

According to Prophet Billa , no one  can take over his or destiny without money so it was incumbent on everyone to  device legal means in becoming financially stable in order to be respected in society.

He added that, anyone with a vision without a stronger  financial backing cannot be pushed anywhere to achieve it adding that, if anyone wants to make it in life ,then he or she should increase the productive.

Use your strength to work and get money, you cannot take over your destiny without money with you ..your rightful place in this life you need to have money,you need it!. 2020 if you can do anything Godly to get money do it, stretch yourself to get money stretch yourself ! if you were working four hours last year, this year work eight hours …double it! Work well to get money, you cant do anything without money…you need money so any Godly means you can do to make money, do it! Because without money no one will take you serious, without money, you can have the good vision but you cannot be pushed anywhere” he stressed

Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1MHZ|Ghana



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