Founder of HeartWing Ministries, best-selling author and award-winning show host, Michelle McKinney Hammond said facing rejection while pursuing a relationship is not negative.

Founder of HeartWing Ministries and best-selling author Michelle McKinney Hammond has said that rejection is not a negative thing when seeking life partners.

Michelle agreed that everyone feared rejection but, it was is better to have a balanced approach to getting into relationships.

“I don’t think we should actually look at rejection in the negative, I think we tend to do that. If someone is not interested in me romantically, I’d rather know that upfront rather than invest my emotion, heart and maybe body into the situation for a deeper rejection in future,” she explained.

She advised that friendships should be nurtured since relationships are developed over time.

“Someone may like you as a friend today but three months from now say ‘I like this person more than that.’ You have to give time for the friendship to develop to see where it is going,” she told Kojo Yankson Friday, on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show.

She was commenting on the topic, “Grabbing your target by Valentine’s day,” a relationship segment of the show.

McKinney further added that the attitude which is displayed may inform the decision of a person who may be interested in a relationship to decide whether to pursue it further or not.

“If they do seem to be interested, then just being open, friendly and available is what gives the other person permission to approach you,” the author said.

However, she warned against being needy and stalking the person who may show signs of being attracted to you as it may throw them off.
Also on the same show, Counseling Psychologist, Dr Emmanuel Hopeson, discussed how to focus on “self-packaging”, which involves how people walk, talk and carry themselves about, affect their chances of getting partners.

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He explained that the tips and tricks that are generally shared to help enter relationships may not work for every individual.

Dr Hopeson stated that each person must discover whichever approach is most suitable for them, rather than working with those that are supposedly “cut in stone”.

“The packaging and putting oneself out there must be done by the individual themselves. The person really needs to know themselves and what really works for them. It can’t be generic,” he said





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