Pupils with special needs call for empowerment from authorities


Even though society sees them as individuals who need special attention, persons with special needs see themselves differently.

They believe they should be accepted and integrated in spite of their conditions which makes them act differently in society, compelling their parents to hide them for fear of stigma.

In this regard, pupils with special needs at the Saint Charles Special School in the Bolgatanga Municipality of the Upper East Region are calling on relevant authorities to empower and mentor them to become responsible people in society.

They are also calling on members of the public to show them love and treat them equally as their colleague children.

Some of the pupils who spoke to A1 News expressed their desire to be in school, and their aspiration to be Doctors and Lawyers in society.

One named Salimi said, ” I really like to be at school because that gives me total satisfaction. I dream to become a doctor in the future.”

Another pupil, Kanifa explained that without the school, she would not have been enlightened.

“I’m happy to be here and I want the government to help us with learning materials because we don’t have some here.” She said.

The school, since its establishment in the Municipality, suffered various forms of neglects including refusal of newly trained teachers to accept postings to the school.

Madam Samare Fatimah, Headteacher of the school, told A1 news that lack of adequate professional teachers has over the years affected effective teaching and learning, adding that there were only four teachers in the school handling about 95 pupils.

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Teachers do not accept postings here, upon seeing the pupils they normally took off with excuses that they can not waste their youthful time with such pupils. Now, there are only four professional teachers that are handling about 95 pupils and that is bad because per the standards of the law, each teacher supposed to be handling five pupils each, not the other way around.” She lamented.

She added that in spite of the numerous challenges facing the school, enrollment was high, and appealed to authorities to upgrade the school to a boarding facility.

“Upon hearing about the school and the effective methodology teachers are using to teach these pupils, more parents are willing to bring their children with such conditions. I hope if authorities can help the facility to become a boarding school.”She appealed.





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