Dilapidated school building causes fear and panic among pupils of Dua primary


Pupils numbering up to 300 in the Dua primary school in the Bongo District are calling on relevant authorities and the government to as a matter of urgency come to their aid as their school structure is virtually collapsing.

They are expressing fear that the building can collapse on them at any moment because of it’s weak nature.

The school, according to community members is one of the oldest schools in the region and since its establishment had never been renovated despite numerous appeals made to past and present governments.

Anane Daniel Akatabila, a concerned youth said that the situation was affecting effective teaching and learning in the school as both teachers and pupils feel insecure under the weak building which has been supported wood to prevent the roof from carving in.

“It is sad when the name of this school is always mentioned. Just imagine old as it is, it has never seen the face of renovation. Pupils numbering up to 300 have to squeeze themselves into one classroom” He said.

Mr. Akatabila also indicated that the school has been neglected from the School Feeding Programme hence,affecting enrollment.

“Since it inception, the school has not been enlisted into the school feeding program. These pupils are children below 13 years old, imagine them staying in the classrooms for such long hours. Most of these pupils are now refusing to come to school simply because of hunger” He added.

In this regard, a group called Apusambisi Youth Association in the Dua Yikene Community has launched an educational fund aimed at addressing educational needs in the community.

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The Vice-Chairman of the group, Simon Nsohbila Atampugre,said that one of the priorities of the group was to champion health and educational needs of the community through soliciting funds to address the challenges of the school.

Meanwhile, the District Chief Executive for Bongo, Peter Ayinbisa has assured the pupils and teachers of the school that his outfit was committed to providing the needs of the school.





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