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The governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Nabdam constituency of the Upper East Region has rubbished claims that the former Member of Parliament for the area, Boniface Gambila performed abysmally during his tenure in office. 

The incumbent MP for Nabdam, Dr. Mark Kurt Nawaane last month stated that his predecessor, Mr. Gambila could not even build a common ‘hencoop’ when the people of Nabdam gave him the opportunity to lead them. Mr. Nawane laid on that foundation to call his constituents to ignore Boniface Gambila in the upcoming elections.

But in a sharp rebuttal, the Nabdam NPP leadership in a press statement copied A1 News said ,the claims by their NPP were misleading and hence, should be disregarded. 

The constituency secretary, Francis Wongnab who signed the statement indicated that Mr. Gambila has served his people well in the area of health, education, agriculture, provision of water and social intervention policies and anybody who interprets all these as nothing and calls Mr. Gambila as ‘selfish’ ,does that either out of “ignorance, malice or both”. 

While calling on the public to disregard Dr. Nawaane’s “vile propaganda”, the Nabdam constituency secretary admonished the MP to rather engage in constructive statements for the development of Nabrug.

Read the full statement. 


The attention of NPP-Nabdam has been drawn to a media publication on mynewsgh.com purported to have emanated from Dr. Mark Kurt Nawaane during A1 radio interview session. In the said interview, he was quoted to have said that Hon. Gambila‘could not even build a hen coop while serving as a member of parliament’. The NPP in Nabdam notes that with disquiet and moves to set the records straight, to dissuade our teeming supporters and the general public from believing a Goebbelsianattempt to deceive and misrepresent the truth.

Hon. Boniface Gambila went to parliament riding on the success story of his Pro-Nabdam development initiative which we will bring to light soon in this write up.

As an MP and solely so, Hon. Gambila made strides ranging from Agriculture to health. 

In health, Hon. Gambila is touted as a champion such that the Dr. MP is only trailing his footsteps. 

As a human resource expert, knowing the connection between health and productivity, he was the first to facilitate the largest ever health intervention in Nabdam of over 800 free operations of hernia, goitre and hydrocele,under Operation Zero Hernia(OZH) at Amiah Hospital, Bolgatanga. 

This by far has raised the productivity levels of these individuals especially in the area of agriculture. No causalities were recorded unlike Dr. MP’s attempt.   

Also, Hon. Gambila added an appendage building of a maternity ward with provision for water closet facilities to the Pelunguclinic and supplied furniture and medical items to all health posts across Nabdam. 

In line with his and that of the party’s vision for a seamless healthy life of our constituents, he provided an ambulance when many constituencies had none. 

He supported several health projects including but not limited to sign post for all health centers, payment for clearance of medical theatre equipment, financial support for the training of medical staff, provision of handset telephones to health volunteers, provision of wheel chairs, support for referral patients, among others.

Just as he is a pace setter in health, he is in education. He advocated with GETfund (typical of an MP) for the KongoSenior High School fence wall project, Sekoti JHS block, Ziemboug primary school block and Gundork JHS block. 

He provided boreholes to many schools which made them best placed for the school feeding initiative which they enjoy today thanks to the NPP government.

He assisted more than 350 student nurses, teachers and other tertiary students. 

He financed the District wide mock examinations for BECE Candidates and organized vacation classes for SHS students in the constituency.

As a human resource developer, he provided 3 personal tractors, fuel and viable seed for over 300 farmers for several farming seasons to improve Agricultural production. He also provided 50 water pumping machines to farmers to support dry season farming. 

In deepening local governance, he donated 200bags of cement in support of the construction of a durbar ground in Sekotitraditional council. Two motorbikes were donated toNangodiandSekotitraditional councils for itinerary business.

The list of achievements in all facets of development is endless. 

How could anybody interpret all these as nothing and called Hon. Gambila ‘selfish’? Is it ignorance, malice or both? 

Apart from the aforementioned, Hon. Gambila before and after Parliament is seen as an icon of Nabdam development. No doubts about that! It will take only a wishful uninformed visitor to try to write off Gambila in the annals of history of the development of Nabdam. 

The contribution of Hon Gambila to the development of the youth cannot be overemphasized and perhaps cannot easily be copied by any competitor. Permit us to mention a few:

He facilitated and recruited;

• Over 30 Nabdams to the security services without discrimination.

• Over 30 officers of various grades to the NSS in and around Nabdam.

•560 Nabdams into the Youth in AfforestationProgramme(the biggest employment intervention in the history of Nabdam).

We will want to state here that some of these beneficiaries are doing very well and are occupying higher positions in public service. It is therefore ironic for the MP to suggest that Hon Gambila is bent on destroying the youth of the NPP. For the avoidance of doubt, Hon Gambila has been contested 4 times and all these times the youth were in the contest without impediments. 

The following are other initiated projects worthy of note;

 1. A modern ICT centre in Kongo. The facility is currently used as a GES office.

2. A clinic facility in Sekoti.

3. He upgraded the only SHS(at the time), Kongo Senior High, to its present standard putting it on a developing pedestal to compete with schools of its kind.

 4. He got electricity to many parts of Nabdam. He connected Zanlerigu, Pelungu, Sekoti, parts of Nangodi and their contiguous communities to the national grid. 

5. He constructed a number of basic schools including Kong-Daborin primary,Gundorg Primary block, 2-No 3-classroom block for Nangodi primary, Damol-TindongoNursery, Dagliga Primary, Zopeliga Primary, Yakotiprimary and Nkunziesi primary. Teachers’ quarters for kotintabig and Sekoti schools and many more.

6. He built a game and wild life quarters and office at Nangodi.7. He constructed and opened access roads. Kong Daborin-Kongo SHS new site, Naraboug – Damolugu chief’s premises, Zanlerigu-Zoya, Kotintabig- Pelungu, Zua-Gong farm area, Bariki-Gundork-Waredaa-Zanlerigu primary roads, Kongo-Logre-Damolugu and many others.

These among many other interventions of Hon.Gambila are visible for all. It is therefore mindboggling for someone nicknamed ‘Nkosuohene’ (for his father Christmas role in faraway Dunkwa) to look his own people in the eyes and describe the benevolent Gambila, who gave him the constituency in its present strength, ‘selfish’. 

The MP is racing behind time to learn to walk in the oversized shoes bequeathed to him. He certainly has to learn for the sake of it.

Hon. Gambila is on course partnering the government of the day to deliver on its pro-poor policies. It will only be expedient for the good people of Nabdam to give him the mandate once again to make Nabdam a better place worthy of her status.

We entreat all and sundry to disregard such vile propaganda and focus on the feats Hon.Gambila has chalked over the years. 

He is still committed to a conscious agenda to transform Nabdam and make her great again.

We demand that, the MP engages in constructive politicking and desists from unwarranted and misguided statements that do not augur well for the development of Nabrug.

God bless the chiefs and people of Nabdam!

God bless the great NPP!

Thank you!


FrancisWongnab- Constituency Secretary- 0243109132

Baabon Sylvester – Communications Officer- 0245790819

Datoghe Roland- Constituency Organizer-0246363795



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