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Go to court if you feel we’ve breached party’s constitution-PNC Deputy Organizer to ‘ghost’group

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Deputy National Organizer of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Mark Ewusi Arkoh has called the bluff of the ‘Set the Ball Rolling’ group to proceed to court if they feel; the National Executives are in breach of the party’s constitution.

The group had accused the National executives of failing to conduct constituency and regional level elections since 2015 and continue to steer the affairs of the party when their tenure of office had expired.

In an earlier press conference in Bolgatanga, the group demanded that, the executives resign from their post and handover the administration of the party to the council of elders or be sued to comply.

 But speaking on A1 News, Mr. Ewusi Arkoh said, the conduct of the executives in not in breach of the party’s constitution and challenged the ‘ghost’ group to proceed to court.

“As it stands now, this group is unknown to me, but you see a political party that deals with structures are governed by the constitution.  The constitution has clearly stated that national executives after an election will hand over power to the next crop of leaders; it is after an election that appointments are being made including the council of elders.

So, if you are saying or rubbishing the existence of the national executives, what about the council of elders? It is the same executives that goes to appoint the council of elders, so who then becomes the council of the elder in the absence of the national executives?, We don’t do that,  I think we need to follow due process and the structures of the party” 

Mr. Ewusi Arkoh called on party members and sympathizers to rally behind the party to recapture power come December 7, 2020.

“. Quite apart from that, we are in a moment where we need to come together to unify ourselves, gather momentum and channel our minds towards the bigger fight which is in the December elections and not who is who”.

Yes, there are ups and downs, there are setbacks and other stuff, but what we believe is that, the national level alone cannot contribute to the good fortunes of the party. Every aspect and structure of the party has to contribute; from the regional level to the constituency level and if there is any other thing we ought to do to ensure that the party stands on its grounds we will do”.

Source:|A1radioonline.com|101.1MHZ|Moses Apiah|Ghana

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