Legal Team Member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Lawyer Abraham Amaliba is proposing the re-naming of the party’s national office after the late President Professor Evans Atta Mills.

It has been Eight (8) years since the sudden departure of Professor Evans Atta Mills.

But as Ghanaians observed July 24, in remembrance of the good works and the contributions of Prof. Evans Atta Mills in shaping Ghana’s democracy, the legal practitioner believes it was time for the NDC party to name its headquarters after him.

Speaking on Reporters Visit on A1 Radio, Mr. Amaliba , said, he was yet to send a proposal to the party’s leadership to consider naming the party’s headquarters as ‘Atta Mills’ House’.

“I have nursed in my head a proposal I want to put forward to the party leadership to name the party’s headquarters after him. So, rather saying the NDC party office, we will call it Atta Mills house. I’m yet to sit with a few party leaders to reason with them on how we can implement it.

As we are all aware, Prof. Mills has done a lot not only at the party space but our Ghanaian democracy, and as people and the party who believe in democracy we will make sure his memories and contributions continue to be with us.”

Late President Prof. Evans Atta Mills

Mr. Amaliba, noted that, though he did not have close contact with Prof. Mills’ government regime at the time but his style of leadership was remarkable and worth emulating.

 “What he did when the party came to power which actually brought some disturbance amongst the party executives was his decision to retain some political appointees at the district level. Some of the District Chief Executive at the time were given six months’ time intervals before they were asked to resign from their offices.

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This was one of the reasons majority of the party members were not happy about because they wanted to deal with the previous administration like the way they did to them. This decision by him was a sign to demonstrate to us as politicians as to how democracy is.”

He, however, called on the Ghanaian youth to emulate the steps of Prof. Mills’ leadership style in order for them to build a better future for Ghana.

Source:||101.1MHZ|Moses Apiah|Ghana




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