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The ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) has described as robust the current state of the Ghanaian economy.

According to a Member of the Communication Team of the party in the Upper East Region, Wilson Dabuo, everything points to the fact that the current state of the country’s economy is strong.

He noted that all economic indicators and other factors signify that the ruling party has been able to effectively manage the economy in the last 4 years much better than the erstwhile National Democratic Congress (NDC) administration.

Speaking on A1 Radio’s Daybreak Upper East program on Monday, Mr. Dabuo believes the performance of the NPP government in the last four years will give them victory; less than one week to the much anticipated December 7 polls.

“As it stands now, the fact on which they say the economy is not performing cannot hold. Why do I say so? Let us go back 2013, 2014 up to 2016. What was the performance of the economy at the time? The economy at the time was in such a mess that they had to rely on external sources to build the economy, and as a result of that they had to freeze certain things of our economy.” He said.

But Communication Team Member of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), John Paul Danka, does not subscribe to this assertion, as he is of the view that the previous Mahama led government was able to manage the economy better than the NPP has done.

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According to him, the former president had no background in economics but was still able to hold inflation for a significant period.

“We were here when John Dramani Mahama who was just a history student and  has a second degree in Communication, was the vice president of the republic, and member of the economic management team; he had no economics background. He was able to hold inflation down, the longest we have in this fourth republic; thirty-one good months. Then, we were told that there was no correlation between inflation and foreign exchange and that you can’t have your cedis weakening against the forex and you have inflation coming down.Today you sit here and say inflation is going down and yet the forex is going what kind of hypocritical politics is this?” He retorted.

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Touching on corruption, Mr. Danka said the previous NDC government was only alleged to be corrupt, but within this current administration, corruption is so glare for everyone to see. He went on to describe the current administration as “operating a family, friends and girlfriends government.”


Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHZ|Ghana

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