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Consumers cry as Beer Bar Operators increase prices of beverages in Bolgatanga

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Drinking bar operators in the Bolgatanga Municipality of the Upper East Region have increased prices of beverages to what is said to be unimaginable rates; thereby, denying loyal consumers the opportunity to feast during this year’s yuletide.

A bottle of club beer which used to sell at Ghc5.00 is now being sold at Ghc6.00; a tot of red labels which was sold at Ghc2.50p now sells at Ghc3.50p; 1.5liter bottle of coke was sold at Ghc10.00 but now sells at Ghc12.00.

Consumers have raised concerns over what they described as a sudden increment in price amidst the covid-19 pandemic and its impact on their livelihood.

Speaking to A1 Radio, they said the move by the drinking bar operators was a deliberate attempt to make more profit during this festive season.

One who only gave his name as Samuel said “Just this evening, I came out to buy a bottle of club beer and the bar operator told me that it has increased to Ghc6.00. Will you just believe that? How on earth would they do such a thing? They think we pick the money on the ground or what. What even bored me was that the bar operator told me to go out if wasn’t ready to buy. Just listen to that; this small boy talking to me this way.”

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Another patron, Atiah, said the action by the bar operators to increase prices was born out of greed and steps to milk loyal consumers as well as deny them from enjoying Christmas.

He said, “We were all scared of this strange virus {coronaviru} and now we are hearing of vaccines, some of us want to release some stress and here we are again. Bar operator denying us from drinking up to our satisfaction. What kind of year is this one too?”

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Responding to the claims of the patrons, Abel, a bar operator at MaySpot in Soe, a suburb of Bolgatanga, explained that the reason for the increment in prices of the beverages  was because of shortage in supply of the drinks; resulting from low production at the various beverage companies due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

Meanwhile, some consumers who spoke to this reporter have indicated that if the trend continues, they may be compelled to quit patronizing the drinks; a step they assume if undertaken, could lead to the collapse of some local beer bars in the municipality.

Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1MHZ|Moses Apiah|Ghana

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