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Bonaba reveals reason responsible for Upper East Region’s underdevelopment

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The Paramount Chief of the Bongo Traditional Area, Baba Salifu Atamale Lemyaarum, has observed that the lack of unity among residents of the Upper East Region is responsible for the region’s underdevelopment.

He expressed concern about the way and manner residents of the region are divided even on the siting of developmental projects; and urged them to refrain from such practices in order to move the region forward.

“To be very honest with you, we in the Upper East Region have a problem; and our problem is that we’re not united. Somebody once said ‘if you want to know the character of the northerners, give them something to share and they will quarrel over it and you’ll take your thing back.’ We don’t co-operate and we’re not united.

For instance, if government says it is going to build an airport in Bongo, why should anybody think that the airport must not be built in Bongo but it must be built in Bolga? Wherever we find any development projects sited, we must take it as being for all of us; but we have so much differences. We have always quarreled over certain issues that eventually, we lost them- and I think it’s better we begin to see ourselves as one people than to allow ourselves to be divided. It will not help us.”

Touching on government’s contribution to the development of the Upper East Region, Baba Salifu Lemyaarum noted that successive governments have failed in their mandate to adequately solve the challenges confronting the people of the region.

“Permit me to say that successive governments have failed us; and I’ll not even leave this current government out. They bite more than they can chew.” He said in an interview with A1 Radio on Friday.

Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Ghana

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  1. That’s a true piece of mind changing for we Northerners.This is just a bit of the other side of the coin, as we always keep looking at one side of the coin it’s now time to look at both sides and compare the two sides.


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