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We will not bless same-sex marriages – Catholic Bishops’ Conference declare

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President of the Ghana Catholic Bishops’ Conference Most Rev. Philip Naameh has emphatically stated that none of its members and churches will ever bless any same sex marriages.

He noted that same sex marriages is against the biblical principles and described the act as abnormal.

“It will not be acceptable to get a pair of men or women married to each other. If a man comes with a fellow man to get married, we will not bless it. We will tell them to call it something else and that what they seek to do cannot be referred to as a marriage”, he said.

He cited that during creation, God created Adam and after realizing that it was not good for Adam to be alone, he created Eve with his (Adam’s) rib, “and He did not create another man for Adam”.

He shared that women are supposed to compliment men and together, “the two will collaborate with God for the further creation of men”.

Speaking in an interview with Sefah-Danquah on the Epa Hoa Daben political talk show, the Most Rev stated, “if we have a man marrying his fellow man and refuses the fertility process of birthing children, that person is wrong and an aberration. The scripture shows that sodomy was not acceptable by the Old Testament and our culture and others also do not accept it too”.

He emphasized on the need to urgently conscientize society, especially the youth that sodomy is not a normal way of life. “We need to conscientize society that having same sex affairs is abnormal”, he reiterated.

The LGBTQI community has risen up again, calling for legitimacy in Ghana where practicing homosexuality is considered as a crime and against cultural norms.

The community which recently opened an office in Tesano, a suburb of Accra with many dignitaries including the head of EU’s mission to Ghana gracing the occasion has been condemned by the Ghanaian populace.


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