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Pharmacist dispels skepticism; says Ghanaians above 65 years are safe to take AstraZeneca Vaccine

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A pharmacist, Edmond Nyanwura has said persons above the age of 65 years can take the AstraZeneca Vaccine.

Mr. Nyanwura stated that even though a trial was done on persons between the ages 18 to 65 years before the rollout of the vaccination, Ghanaians 65 years and above can take the AstraZeneca vaccine without any implications as indicated by the World Health Organization.

He indicated that, except for pregnant women, the aged are the most vulnerable to the virus and should endeavor to get vaccinated. 

“We think the aged are the most vulnerable when it comes to COVID-19 so the aged will benefit more from taking the vaccine. If you are looking at what the vaccine does, it is actually to prevent you from getting COVID-19. So if the aged are those most at risk, then they need the vaccine more.”

Mr. Nyanwura who is the Bolgatanga Municipal Health Director but was speaking in the capacity as a pharmacist, entreated the public to get vaccinated against the Coronavirus pandemic. Mr. Nyanwura spoke on A1 Radio while countering fake reports that suggest that persons above 65 years stand at risk taking the vaccine. 

This is a Media Foundation for West Africa project, known as COVID-19 Response in Africa: Together for Reliable Information being implemented with funding support from the European Union.

Source: A1Radioonline.com|Joshua Asaah|101.1Mhz

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