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The NMC and NCA Must Bear Some Blame – The Gruesome Kasoa Murder

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The gruesome murder of a ten year old by two teenagers in Kasoa area of the Central Region has shocked the nation to the marrow.

Even more insanely disturbing is the revelation that the offenders intended to use the victim for “money” rituals; so they can become rich and wealthy.

Clearly, this is an indictment on our society. We have become a society that worships wealth, riches and never seem to question how people get wealthy. It has become so accepting that even teenagers are willing to kill a boy so that they can gain wealth. What a vain society we have become, shameful. Yet we never cease to profess our religiosity, a so-called Christian nation!

While we condemn this barbaric act, we ought to look at some immediate avenues via which this get rich at all cost and by any means concept or mentality has become pervasive in our society. By what medium could teenagers have become infested or influenced to believe they could get rich by killing and using their victim for rituals?

I dare say that some content put out or allowed on some TV and Radio stations have contributed to the believability by impressionable teenagers that it’s possible to get rich via rituals, without handwork.

And this is why the National Media Commission (NMC), and National Communication Authority (NCA) must bear greater blame specifically. Are these not the institutions that control content and licensing?

Put on your TV this evening after 8pm and flip through the channels, you would be shocked to see the volume of despicable and fraudulent content. The digital channels are even worse; mallams, pastors, priests/priestesses, spiritualists etc conjuring money. But its not just TV stations, radio is equally being used to promote such deceitful deviance in our society.

On both TV and Radio, these so-called money conjurers speak about how easy they can make people rich, they display their contact numbers and provide directions to their locations.

The NMC and NCA must sit up. These public institutions have obligations to society, including protecting our children from unwholesome, deceitful, fraudulent, deviant and dangerous content. They have the power to ensure that our Radio and TV stations don’t allow or air foul, fraudulent, despicable and deceitful content. The time is now, NMC and NCA act!

Dr. Apaak
M.P, Builsa South and Deputy Ranking Member On The Committee On Education and Former Member of the NMC

Source: A1radioonline.com|Ghana

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