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Tricycle operators in Bolgatanga give notice of increased fares

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Tricycle Operators popularly referred to as “Mahama Can do Drivers” in Bolgatanga Municipality have given notice of an increased in transport fares.

The increment, according to the Can Do Operators Association is in line with the recent transport fare increase as announced by Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) .

According to the Public Relations Officer of the Association, Christopher Agana, the increment was necessitated by the increasing prices of spare parts and fuel in the country.

Mr. Agana, in an interview with A1 News, said, they are joining hands with their mother union the GPRTU to increase fares so that they can operate smoothly without any difficulty because most of the tricycles belong to people who expect them to render daily sales which is either Gh 40.00 or Gh 50.00 a day.

According the PRO, the new fare from Bolga-township to Boltech will now be Gh 2.50p, Sumbrungu will be Gh 3.00p, Sokabisi will now be Gh 2.00p , Bongo will now be Gh 6.00p.

However, transport fare from Bolga-Township to Tanzui, Bolga Regional Hospital which is Gh 2.00 will remain unchanged.

It will be recalled that GPRTU announced a 13% increase in transport fares on Tuesday, June, 1, 2021 citing recent increase in fuel prices.

Source:| 101.1MHz| Ghana

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