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Rev. Eastwood Anaba advises single ladies

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Founder of the Fountain Gate Chapel, Rev. Eastwood Anaba, has advised unmarried women not to marry men who are too busy to chat with them and expect such men to change in the end.

Delivering a sermon to his congregants in a video sighted by A1Radioonline.com, the international preacher said “Women, if there is a man who doesn’t like chatting with you, conversing with you; don’t marry him and think it will change.”

According to Rev. Anaba, “The man is too selfish and too busy about himself to think about you.”

He continued that “Marry a friend; marry somebody who will converse with you. Marry someone who will talk with you. If the person is naturally quiet, that is a different thing; but not a man who talks to his phone more than you, browses the internet more than you, converses with strange people more than you; he will converse with everybody – laugh and shout and lift up his hands and when it comes to you, he only issues instructions. And you can see it in courtship- its enough warning.’’

Making reference to the life of Moses in the Bible, the President of the Eastwood Anaba Ministries wants husbands and wives to stop being too busy with other engagements and make time for their respective spouses.

“We’re too busy. Am preaching; I have an invitation; the power of God is upon me, the Spirit of God is upon me- Look at Moses; he will counsel the people from morning to night until the father in-law had to talk to him. Too busy.”

“It is a culture and a habit you must kill as a man. it is a culture and a habit you must kill as a woman. You are too busy for your husband. You are too busy with church work for your husband. You’re too busy with prayer meetings for husband. You’re always praying; you’re always in church- speaking in tongues every time.” Rev. Anaba lamented.

Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Ghana

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