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I’m working to fix street lights in Bolga – Regional Minister

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The Upper East Regional Minister, Stephen Yakubu has assured the people of Bolgatanga that he is committed to fixing the street lights in the town. Street lights in the Regional capital have been malfunctioning for some time now, plunging the town into darkness during the night. This has led some to suggest that the government has neglected the region.

But in an exclusive interview with A1 Radio, Mr. Yakubu explained that as the Head of the Upper East Regional Security Council, he was not oblivious to the needs of the region. He said he was committed to turning Bolgatanga into the London of the five regions of the North.

He has however entreated the public to be extra vigilant and report miscreants who would want to destroy public properties such as the street lights. “We are working on it; it is affecting the beauty of the capital and security as well. So, anytime we are having problem with street lighting at night, I’m very concerned about it. And as I drive around town and I see that any traffic light is not working, it is matter of concern because it can lead to crashes and things like that. So, we are working on them”.

“My advice is that sometimes when you are riding past or you are walking past and you see someone fiddling with the street lighting system, maybe trying to take something off, you must report the person. It will help us a lot. Vigilance is the most important thing. If we are able to get one or two people, maybe that will stop”.

“I want to assure the people of Bolga that we are working on it. We are also living in this city and we want the city to be beautified. Since I have been here, I have been talking and working with all of you to see what we can do for Bolga to also be the London of Upper East or if you want the London of the five Northern regions”. Mr. Yakubu noted.

Meanwhile, the Upper East Regional Director of the Department of Urban Roads, Peter Amoako has hinted that the engineer responsible for fixing the street lights will be on site by the end of this month.

He acknowledged that some of the traffic lights are not functioning and thus corroborated the minister in assuring the public that street lights and traffic lights will be fixed by the end of the month. He added that plans are far advanced to procure stabilizers that will prevent the traffic lights from malfunctioning.

Source/www.a1radioonline.com/101.1mHz/Elijah Beyeni Yenibey/Ghana

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