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Meet Fatawu Bawa Ayamga; the man redefining tourism within the Sissala enclave of the UWR

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Fatawu Bawa Ayamga, is Freelance Journalist, a Photojournalist, a Tourism Writer, an Environmental Advocate and a Tour Guide whose passion and heightened interest in showcasing the Sissala land to the world has not gone unnoticed.

He has caught the attention of many and has also turned many heads and interests to the Upper West Region with a particular interest in the Sissala enclave; i.e, the Sissala West District, Sissala East Municipality and the Wa East District.

Speaking with  A1 Radio at Wa, Mr. Bawa Ayamga explained that he is focusing on tourism because “Eco-tourism is a homegrown solution to environmental protection or conservation. Eco-tourism development is a job creation avenue for the youth and women if harnessed well. Tourism development attracts investors both local and international. Tourism development reduces social vices among unemployed youth as some will serve as site guides, tour guides, transporters, interpreters and sell their artworks”.

He also added that “Eco-tourism development boosts the local economy in general as local businesses will thrive well”.

Mr. Bawa Ayamga also dabbles in social activism, blogging and social media marketing. He enjoys hiking, camping, sports fishing, sports hunting, swimming, bird watching and travelling.

In 2019, he won the Best Tourism Writer for Upper West Region. He also featured in a Joy TV documentary titled “Killing our Roses” which depicts how rosewood merchants “raped our fragile vegetation”.

He also formed and led a youth task force to ward off rosewood merchants in the Sissala area and discovered a lot of potential tourist attractions and marketed them through his blog (www.toursissalakasena.com).

Mr. Bawa Ayamga is credited with organising the first-ever Sports Fishing in the Northern part of Ghana (at Silbele Dam in Sissala West District) as well as the first-ever wild camping, hiking and pleasure hunting (at Kunchogu Community in Sissala East Municipal).

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