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UE: 63 crashes in 1st quarter of 2022; 38 tricycles involved

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The Ghana Road Safety Authority in the Upper East Region has declared its support to the Regional Police Command in its quest to clamp down on tricycles that are used for human transportation. The exercise is aimed at ensuring sanity on the roads as stated by the Police Service.

The Regional Assistant Planning Manager of the Ghana Road Safety Authority, Seth Wiredu, who spoke on Reporter’s Visit on A1 Radio said the Region experienced 63 vehicle crashes in the first quarter of 2022. Out of that number, 38 of them were tricycles.

He revealed that “yes, very truly they do add up to the number of fatalities we have been experiencing in our region day-in-day-out, in the first quarter January to March we experienced about 63 vehicle crashes in our region and out the number, 38 of them are coming from these tricycles that the Police MTTD recently made mention of”.

“And the fatalities recorded in the first happen to be 10 in number and about seven of them are in line with this same thing. So truly they do contribute to the rising numbers with regards to the fatalities in our region, we are actually in full support of them,” he stressed.

He, therefore, appealed to tricycles and vehicles to heed the directive by the Ghana Police Service because when they fault, they are liable to prosecution or could end up being fined by a penalty unit not less than 12 or a jail term of 30 days or both of the two if necessary.

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