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Navrongo Constituency Election suspended indefinitely

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The Navrongo Constituency Election has been suspended indefinitely. This was after issues surrounding the number of qualified delegates could not be resolved amicably.

Lawyer Anthony Namoo, the Upper East Regional Chairman of the party said this when he spoke on A1 Radio’s Day Break Upper East Show today, Friday, April 29, 2022.

“Reasoning did not prevail, tried as we may to ensure that we hold the elections, things did not go on well,” he said.

Mr Namoo continued to say that “the issue had to do with a petition that was filed at the polling station executive election. After the petition was filed, because of the numbers involved, we had to set up a committee to look into the petition. The committee recommended a rerun of the polling station election in some 25 polling stations involving 52 polling station positions in 8 electoral areas. Together, that is 72. Because of time constraints, we wrote to the constituency, the Electoral Commission and all the powers that be that in view of the fact that we could not sit and decide the issue, those people should not take part in the elections,” he said.

The reason for this, Mr Namoo explained was so that after the constituency level election, the party would have had the time to conduct the elections for the affected polling stations.

“Our best intentions to ensure that this went down, some people went and made some capital out of it. It must be emphasized that we only need 33.3 percent to go to conference; that is one-third of the voter population,” he added.

He said in an attempt to address the concerns, so strategies were proposed by the regional party executives but none of the strategies was found to be acceptable by the aggrieved persons.

“At the time that reason prevailed, it was almost 3pm. Once it hadn’t started, by our electoral laws, it had to be called off. This is an opportunity to go and organise the polling station elections after which we would do the constituency elections. For now, it is suspended indefinitely,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Namoo has heaped praises on delegates, aspirants and supporters of the party for the extreme show of comportment before, during and after the constituency level election in the region.

Mr Namoo was speaking on A1 Radio’s Day Break Upper East admitted that the election was conducted without any major fracas that would have marred the beauty of the process. He said while there were pockets of disagreements, none degenerated into a full-on violent altercation adding that the security services that were to ensure peace and calm during the process were basically ‘on a holiday’.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith|Ghana

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