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BT Baba casts doubts on independence of Judiciary; suggests something sneaky is afoot

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Benson Tongo Baba (BT Baba), Member of Parliament for the Talensi District in the Upper East Region has expressed doubts about the independence of the Judiciary in Ghana.

Mr. Baba suggested that there may be a sinister attempt by the Executive to foist itself on the judiciary so that legal decisions would be ruled in their favour. He said the situation becomes apparent during the period before the passage of the Electronic Transfer Levy (E-levy).

The Lawmaker suggested that the Executive with some unstated support for the Judiciary tried, on many occasions, to reduce the numbers of MPs in the Minority group. This was done, ostensibly, to help the members of the Majority group successfully pass the E-levy.

The MP for Talensi said the situation should be a source fo worry for all who have Ghana at heart.

He said this when he spoke on A1 Radio’s Day Break Upper East Show.

“Some of the things, you ask yourself, is this normal? It cannot be coincidental. If it is by coincidence, then you say, yes. If there is consistency, in what has been happening, for me, I believe there is a deliberate this thing, and I stand by it.”

“It is worrisome because, if you do not have a judiciary that would stand up to interpret the laws of Ghana but would be looking at which side am I supporting, then there are problems,” he said.

Citing the 2020 Election Petition by the NDC, the MP suggested that there were deliberate attempts by the judges to derail the case of the party. This, he said, would have been in favour of the governing NPP.

He cautioned that there must be deliberate attempts to jealousy guard Ghana’s democracy.

“Let us be very transparent in whatever we do. We all cherish the democracy that we have. I have gone through so many democratic governments. I have passed through the revolutionary era and I have seen what is good and what is bad if the system is not transparent,” he said.

Reminding Ghanaians of the comments of the National Security Minister a few months ago about the judiciary, BT Baba encouraged the Judiciary to begin to redeem its image.

He said if the supposed biases of the Judiciary continue, people would lose faith in the judicial system of the country.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith|Ghana

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