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‘Polished’ English no longer inspires Ghanaians; greed, evil, bad governance rife – Peter Toobu

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The Member of Parliament for Wa West Constituency in the Upper West Region, Peter Lauchen Toobu has noted that the fine English usually spoken by the President and his American associates in governance is no longer inspiring the ordinary Ghanaians.

In a writeup copied to A1radioonline.com, he said, “fine English is no longer inspiring because state plunderers have studied English and lived in England and America for years only to return with a plan to collateralize the country”.

According to the MP, the manner in which the country has been governed by the current administration is a clear indication that greed has been coupled with bad governance.

He stressed that “the country is going through trying moments as a result of greed that underscores bad governance. I doubt if this can still be referred to as bad governance. In fact, my heart and head resonate with pain as those who claim to know better have driven the country at full speed straight into the ditch. The conscious sale of Ghana for personal benefit can only be evil. Even our development partners have come to terms with our evil plots to enrich individuals against the common good.”

Adding that, “we are putting fire under an already filled gas cylinder by suppressing discerning voices. Clever people try to change everybody but wise people change themselves to be a source of positive influence. Exemplary leadership is always the best.”

“Scan the environment and you can trace all happenings to leadership for everything rises and falls with leadership. Let’s copy and learn from best practices as we experience a historic monster. Never doubt that a few committed souls from a small village can light the flame for national transformation. If you cannot be part of the solution then you are surely part of the problem. Let’s stick together in the vision to better the everyday lives of our people,” he said.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1 MHz|Moses Apiah|Bolgatanga|Ghana

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