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UER: We don’t want chemical fertilizers; it’s killing, depleting our soil – Peasant farmers

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The Peasant Farmers Association of Ghana is encouraging its members to abandon chemical fertilizers for organic fertilizer. According to the Association, the excessive use of chemical fertilizers poses negative impacts on soil health.

The Upper East Regional Focal Person of the Peasant Farmers Association of Ghana, Rev. John Akaribo who spoke on A1 Radio stated that they are encouraging farmers to adopt organic manure through composting.

“We don’t even want this chemical fertilizer because is killing and depleting our soil. We have started educating our farmers to adopt organic manure through composting or those that would be able to produce them using our own local materials to this manure instead of this chemical fertilizer where our hands are tied. We are just adequately informing our farmers that let us adopt our own farming system where we are using pure organic manure fertilizer.”

He mentioned that it is difficult for peasant farmers to export their produce to the European market due to the continuous use of chemical fertilizers.

“Even with this chemical fertilizer, our produce cannot even go anywhere. When we intend to even import, we cannot go to the EU market. Government is aware of that.”

He says the government is aware of the challenges of peasant farmers and they are not ready to talk about them again because people make politics out of them anytime they talk.

“The challenges are so numerous that we would not like to mention them. We don’t see them as challenges now; we see them as part of our activities to be challenges. Our main challenge is fertilizer and mechanization. We need traction. This time tractors are not there even people who have got their rice to harvest at this time are finding it difficult to get combine harvesters. So these are all challenges that we know government is aware but we don’t want to talk on them again because the more we talk, the more people make politics out of it.”

He said the association is managing to find lasting solutions to the challenges facing it.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Osuman Kaapore Tahiru|Ghana

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