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UE: There’s a ‘coup’ coming; Peter Ayinbisa intends replacing us – NPP Communicators cry

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Members of the NPP’s Regional Communication Team in the Upper East Region say they may be an imminent ‘attack’ on their jobs as communicators. This is because, the recently appointed Regional Communications Director, Peter Ayinbisa may be readying himself for the recruitment of new communicators.

It would be recalled that a1radioonline.com spoke to a deep-throat source within the executive body of the New Patriotic Party in the Upper East Region who revealed that the strike communicators may soon be replaced.

According to the source, the communicators may have to come to terms with the current appointment of Peter Ayinbisa as Regional Communications Director or risk being replaced forever.

A deep-throat source who cannot be named said “the actions of the communicators were a bit unfortunate and some of them didn’t do much for the growth of the party. We will soon meet with them to understand the main reason for such an action but let me add that they should not think that their behaviour can, either way, affect the party. There are equally good communicators that can do the work better than them.”

The source stressed that “the executive did their work by appointing someone they thought will help improve the communication structure of the party. If you think you desire the appointment, you should have equally go and contest for a position not waiting for an appointment, who does that. But we will meet with them.”

Corroborating the information gathered by a1radioonline.com earlier, the communicators in a petition to the National Communications Director explained that information available to them shows that a replacement is imminent.

“By their actions, we suspect they are planning a palace coup to replace the team members as was alluded to by the newly appointed communication Officer on Radio. Sources closed to us have it that the new Director of Communications intends to advertise on radio to recruit new Communication members.”

“We are still wondering how this is a solution to solving the problem. This action can only be a confirmation that our work over the years even in opposition has not been appreciated enough by the current Executive Committee and the party at large. Thus, the level of disrespect to us as Communicators. If we were respected enough, our views would have meant a lot to the entire process of appointment and we would not have been left out as far as making a choice is concerned.”

“It will interest you to know that a week into public knowledge of the new Communication Officer, no effort has been made thus far to even introduce him to the Communications team. This regrettable incident and shouldn’t be happening at a time such as this. We, therefore, assume that the new Communications Director is not coming to lead the team but to act in a vacuum. After all, we are not seen as patriots of enough substance as far as the current administration is concerned. We indeed feel alienated and lonely,” portions of the statement read.

The 33 communicators warned that if the problem is not well managed, it could degenerate into something worse.

“If this is how the Regional Executive is going to start within their respective positions, we are sorry the NDC is going to have a field day in Communications and consolidating the one parliamentary SEAT in the Region. This is for the simple reason that the future of the party and breaking the 8 is not part of the agenda of the current Executive Committee but rather what is of interest to them is festering intra-party confusion.”

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith|Ghana

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