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Musah Superior encourages MMDCEs to focus on sanitation, security & entrepreneurship as drivers of development

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Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives are being urged to complement the hardcore infrastructural developments of their jurisdiction with what could be described as ‘soft development’.

For the former Mayor of the Tamale Metropolitan Area, Iddrisu Musah, affectionately known as Musah Superior, there are three major things that should guide MMDCEs in their attempts at developing the areas they govern. They are; sanitation, security and entrepreneurship.

Musah Superior was speaking on A1 Radio’s Day Break Upper East Show about his time as Mayor. His time as Mayor of the area could be best described as uproarious. Musah Superior insisted, however, that he would have continued to channel the course of development as Mayor despite the upheavals that characterised his time.

“I would have continued to do what I did. The soft development part of our lives is missing. Every day we are talking about hardcore development which is the infrastructure. Every government does infrastructure. In fact, your government would collapse if you do not do infrastructure.”

“The bit of development that we overlook in Africa and in Ghana, is the soft one. There should be a social programme to keep our people socially responsible,” he said.

During the conversation with the host of DBUE, Mark Smith, Musah Superior recounted the series of onslaughts that went against his person and the position he occupied when he insisted on by-laws that sought to punish parents who let their children out after dark unaccompanied.

He was also subject to public aggression when he implemented stiff sanitation laws, made cases against unregistered bikes et al.

“I put a curfew on young people not to roam the streets unaccompanied after 6pm and the people just could not take it. But I had a role as the lead government official in the city. One of my key responsibilities was to protect lives, especially young people. It was something I introduced and I was very happy to pursue it. I did not want people to do illegal activities in the city.”

“If you wanted to smoke weed, you could do that privately in your house even though that was also illegal. And you could not have been smoking weed, publicly, in the forest reserve. I did not want prostitution in the city, I banned it. It was not easy but I collected all of them and transported them to Accra for onward transportation to wherever they came from.”

“I did not like the idea that the entire streets of tamale were completely overwhelmed by traders. I thought that it was an eyesore. Those are the things we should be doing; every MMDCE,” he said.

The former Mayor continued to say, “the job of a mayor, you are supposed to do three things. When you succeed in doing these three things. you have succeeded in doing these three things. Provide security for the city, that is your number one responsibility. Every other thing you are doing, without security, you cannot achieve anything. The second thing is to make sure the city is clean and then number 3, you encourage entrepreneurship.”

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith|Ghana

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