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Nabdam MP unhappy about responses from Interior Minister about elevation of Nabdam Police Station to District Police Station.

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Dr. Mark Kurt Nawaane, Member of Parliament for the Nabdam Constituency in the Upper East Region is unhappy with the responses from the Minister for the Interior and MP for Nandom, Ambrose Dery about the delays in the elevation of the Nabdam Police Station to a District Police Station.

Speaking on the Day Break Upper East Show, the MP for the area was unhappy that constantly, the Ministry for the Interior had found excuses to explain their apparent delay in the elevation of the police station in Nabdam.

It would be recalled that on the floor of Parliament, the MP raised questions about the status of the police station.

“I rise to ask the Minister for the Interior when the Nabdam Police Station would attain the status of a District Police Station,” he said.

Not satisfied with the initial answer by the Minister for the Interior, the MP for Nabdam, Dr. Nawaane rose again and said, “if the Honourable Minister would remember, I was in his office to ask for permission to build a police station. I built this police station with my own Common Fund with the understanding that if we were able to build this police station, we would attain the district status as soon as practicable. We were usually allocated staff from Bolga. I have done my part. I have walled it [the police station] for them. From your [Minister for the Interior] answer, it still appears vague. When you are going to do it, I do not know. Can I get a timeline for this elevation?”

But speaking on DBUE, Dr. Nawaane maintained his displeasure about the development.

“The answers are always this way. First, they said we did not have an armoury. They also said there was no adequate place for the prisoners etc. when we solved those problems, we expected that we would hear something. Getting to  2 years now, we have not heard anything about our progress. That is why I was saying that we had done our part, we had contributed. I have contributed by building this ultramodern facility so I expected that with this major problem solved, when it comes to the vehicle, the stationery and other things, it would depend on the government.”

“Two years down the lane, I should not be hearing the same story. I should hear something that is different. The answer which did not give timelines is not enough. Even when I asked questions, he [Minister for the Interior] would diplomatically, refuse to give them timelines.”

The MP for the area maintained that all is not lost as he would continue to pursue the Minister to ensure that the elevation of the police station to District Police Command is complete.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith|Ghana

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