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Ghanaians have turned politics upside down; too much power’s given to politicians– Abuga Pele

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The former Member of Parliament for Chiana-Paga Constituency in the Upper East Region Abuga Pele is unhappy about the pedestal Ghanaians place leaders of the country on.

The former National Coordinator of the defunct Ghana Youth Employment and Entrepreneurial Development Agency [GYEEDA] Boss said Ghanaians as a whole have developed a culture that after the election of leaders at all levels, they do not put them on their toes to deliver on the purposes in which they elected to do.

This Mr. Abugah Pele said is part of the challenges the country is facing. According to him leaders are elected to power in order for them to serve the people’s interest, the people of Ghana rather serve leaders and fail to hold them accountable in order to get the needed development from them.

“We have developed a tenancy to elect people and sit aside watch them for four years, elect another set sit aside watch them to do whatever they want for another four years and then it goes on and on. It looks like they didn’t come from our elective action but they came from somewhere, and I think that is wrong we turn the whole politics upside down.”

“It is not fair to make somebody a leader because we make the people leaders and we sit aside; whatever they do, you don’t say anything. You don’t call them to account. You don’t make an input. We are the causes of our own problems because we have not held our leaders accountable. We are only active at election time.”

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The former NDC MP was sentenced to six-year imprisonment by an Accra High Court in 2018, for causing financial loss to the state while he was the National Coordinator of the defunct Ghana Youth Employment and Entrepreneurial Development Agency [GYEEDA] He was said to have acted in a manner that resulted in the loss of GH24.1 million by the government, after businessman Phillip Akpeena Assibit had made false claims that he had secured a $65-million World Bank funding for the creation of one million jobs for the youth Abaga Pele was found guilty on two counts of abetment of fraud and five counts of willfully causing financial loss to the state and received six years for abetment of fraud and four years for willfully causing financial loss to the state, both to be served concurrently.

Source:A1Radioonline.Com|10.1MHZ|David Azure| Bolgatanga|Ghana

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