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Asaki Awingobit warns govt against imposition of new taxes and levies

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The Executive secretary of the Importers and Exporters Association of Ghana (IEAG), Sampson Asaki Awingobit has admonished the government against the imposition of new taxes and levies as the Minister for Finance, Ken Ofori Atta readies to read the midyear budget review in the coming days.

Instead, Mr. Asaki Awingobit has tasked the government to reduce the taxes to offer temporary reprieve to Ghanaians as economic indicators worsen while prices of basic goods and services continue to soar.

Speaking to A1 Radio’s on ‘Reporters Visit’ ahead of the Mid-year budget review Mr. Awingobit said the continuous increment of taxes on Ghanaians especially businesses has extremely imposed an extreme level of hardship and difficulties on Ghanaians.

According to him, the continuous taxation of Ghanaians is not the way for the country to develop and grow its economy.

“If the government is not ready to reduce the tax component for us, the government should not introduce another additional layer of tax for us. That is what we are calling for. As you rightly know, since the beginning of this year, the government is continually taxing and keeps on taxing the business community and that is not the best way.”

The Executive Secretary of IEAG, Mr. Awingobit further stated that they are disappointed in the government because the government has been dishonest to the business community following its previous promise of moving from taxation to production.

He said, “since the government came, the government promised the business community that it was going to move from taxation to production, but it looks like it has become a matter of deceit to us. Because we rather see taxes upon taxes.”

“If you are going to list the kind of taxes the government has introduced to the business community, it will humble you that the government that promised that it is going to be business friendly ended up introducing all kinds of taxes on the business community.”

Source:A1Radioonline.Com|10.1MHZ|David Azure| Bolgatanga|Ghana

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