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New developments from the just-ended football season in Upper East Region

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The division two league was first to end, with Kassena Nankana Utd qualifying for the National Division One League to replace relegated Bolga All-Stars SC.

There were three clubs from zone one that could not play the league due to security reasons and for that matter are defunct. So in zone one, there was no relegation.

In zone two, Paga FC finished 6th. In zone three, Kongo Utd finished 6th and in Zone four, Gambibigo Ashford finished 6th. The team was supposed to go on relegation but due to the defunct clubs in zone one, the executive council of the RFA will have to come out with steps to take to ensure the zone one case is solved.

In the Bongo District, Zorko Utd SC qualified from Division three to Division two. In the Kassena Nankana West District, Paga Japan Stars qualified. In the Kassena Nankana Municipal, Zuarungu Kunkua Humble Stars qualified and in the Bawku West District Sapelliga All-Stars qualified.

There are unconfirmed reports that the Bawku West District might promote two teams because of the three teams that pulled out of the league. If that happens, Tili Awarey Stars will join Sapelliga All-Stars from that district.

It is not quite clear what decision the executive council will take until they go to congress.

Even if the three teams; Kongo United, Paga FC and Gambibigo Ashford are relegated, it will still be left with two teams to make the number 24 to complete the zones.

This report seeks to address some of the concerns raised regarding an earlier publication.

Below are the teams as has been confirmed by this website in the interim.

1. Paga Crocodile Stars
2. Wiaga Utd
3. Mission Warriors
4. Afeni fc
5. Bolga Fc
6. Black Arrows fc
7. Zuarungu fc
8. Real Bolga Utd
9. Sheaga Golden Stars
10. Soccer Masters
11. Nyariga Fire Babie
12. Walewale Catholic Stars
13. Yorogo Young Stars
14. Soccer Stars
15. Samba stars
16. Yelwoko Fire strikers
17. Toende Utd
18. Bolga All Stars sc
19. Zorko Utd sc
20. Sapelliga All star
21. Paga Japan stars
22. Zuarungu Kunkua H.S
Likely playoff teams from division two league
1. Kongo Utd
2. Paga fc
3. Gambibigo Ashford
*Likely playoff teams that finished second in the various districts/municipal leagues
1. Tili Awarey Stars
2. Hassan Stars
3. Saboro
3. Sirigu Superstars

Source: A1Radioonline.com|101.1Mhz|Aduko Cletus Akosah|Bolgatanga|Ghana

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