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Desmond Atogewe Kampoe, product of Navrongo SHS nominated for National Best Teacher Prize

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Desmond Atogewe Kampoe, aged 33, from Korania, a suburb of Navrongo has been nominated for the National Best Teacher Prize.

The objective of the Ghana Teacher Prize is to motivate teachers for higher performance and also boost respect for the profession. The Prize underscores the importance of the teaching profession and symbolizes the fact that teachers throughout the world deserve to be recognized and celebrated.

Who is Desmond Atogewe Kampoe

Mr. Kampoe completed Korana Primary School in 2002 and proceeded to St Mary’s Junior High School where he became the Senior Prefect before completing in 2006. At the BECE, Mr. Kampo got grade 10, the best grade for the school that year.

He went on to study Business at Navrongo senior high school where he completed in 2009. Mr. Kampoe went on to do a Diploma in Basic Education at Tamale college of education where he read mathematics and science and completed with 2nd Class Upper.

When he spoke to A1 Radio’s Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith, he continued to say “I have also taken certificate courses in computer programming and web development. I am currently pursuing a 4-year bachelor’s degree in computer science with Regentropfen college of applied sciences.”

Growing Up

In the conversation with A1 Radio, Mr. Kampoe recalls that “we had to hang around people’s windows to watch tv cartoons. We had to compete for space by the window just to watch. I remember one day, I came back from my endeavours and my dad said to me, we only have a radio now and you have to be content with that for now, study your books and you shall buy your own tv someday.”

Those few words that taught contentment have been his guiding principles all these years.

Becoming a teacher

“The passion to share everything I know is what brought me into teaching. I believe there is no meaning in gathering knowledge that can’t be shared. Teaching is that platform that gives me the opportunity to share knowledge.”

“I also believe, the best way to learn is to teach. That is why when I completed SHS in 2009, I taught in a private school for 3 years before going to college. So, from onset I had a passion to teach,” he said.

Mr. Kampoe has taught for 3 years as a pupil teacher and 8 years as a professional teacher.

“I taught for 3 years as a pupil teacher in Wisdom Gate international (private school) where the first batch of students graduated with distinction. Some of the previous students whom I know are now reading law, midwifery, education etc.”

“My first posting as a professional teacher was in 2014 to Tampola JHS where I taught ICT and Social Studies and then I was reposted to Naaga primary school in 2017 where I am currently a basic 2 teacher handling all subjects.”

 Standing out as a teacher

With Mr. Kampoe’s advanced computer literacy, he’s been able to use “modern technological tools has provided me with unique technical skills for making research for better lesson delivery.”

For Mr. Kampoe, “teaching provides me with a daily, weekly and monthly challenge to keep learning and exploring new ideas. Teaching offers me the opportunity to share knowledge and also to learn. As a teacher, I do not only teach but take advantage of the avenue to learn new ideas and techniques necessary for demystifying complex concepts.”

Because of his commitment to the school he teaches, Mr. Kampoe has presented school uniforms to Naaga Primary School pupils. He also, during the COVID period supplied the students with face shields. Through social media, he’s been able to acquire some furniture for the school he teaches.

Not everything is well

While he enjoys his profession, there are a few things Mr Kampoe believes could be done better.

“Paramount among the things I find challenging with the teaching field is the lack of teaching-learning resources. A soldier without a weapon on the battlefield is no soldier at all. The same goes for the teacher. No matter how skilful you are as a teacher, you can’t make much of an impact without the right tools and resources,” he said.

Teaching as a profession

For some who despised the teaching profession because of the notion that one cannot accumulate wealth through teaching, Mr. Kampoe has this to say.

“Teaching is not a get-rich-quick sector but job satisfaction is what counts. I know of a woman with a rich son who provides her with everything she needs, but she prefers to sell charcoal by the roadside. It’s not about the money but the happiness she finds in her job.”

“The same goes for teaching, without job satisfaction, you cannot see the beauty and dignity in the job. Despite the challenges in the sector, I find it satisfying sharing my knowledge with the next generation.”

The National Best Teacher Award.

“Following a couple of impactful school projects I did, coupled with other commendable things, some of my friends, some work colleagues and work superiors encouraged me in 2021 to apply when nominations were opened but I was reluctant. When this year’s nominations opened in February, my municipal training officer encouraged me to do it and then I decided to apply. In fact, I didn’t really think it will go anywhere, it surprised me that I was considered,” he said when asked about the award.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith|Ghana

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