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Meet the 3 ladies in Bolgatanga using technology to connect artisans to job opportunities

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Overview of the problem

In a recent paper titled “Skilled labour shortage: a qualitative study of Ghana’s training and apprenticeship system” 3 authors assessed the impact of training and apprenticeship education towards building high-level technical and vocational skills that support human capital development and attracting foreign direct investment.

This article drew on the human capital theory to report on a qualitative study that explored skilled labour challenges within Ghana’s training and apprenticeship system through the lens of the demand side of the employment perspective.

The findings pointed to a training mismatch, lack of regulations and ineffective apprenticeship programmes, underinvestment in education and training, and outdated training programmes and a lack of clear opportunities for direct interface between artisans and the public.

With the aforementioned challenges in mind, 3 ladies in Bolgatanga; the Upper East Regional capital are seeking to address at least 2 of the aforementioned challenges.

The brains behind the solution

Portia Ayamga Akangoele, Gifty Adankia and Mary Atanga have set out to change the narrative for skilled workers, first in the Upper East Region and then scale up the solutions to address similar concerns across the country.

The ladies are products of a six-week training in Web Application Development at the Dansyn Innovation Social Organization (ISO), a not-for-profit technology-driven youth-oriented organisation in the Upper East Region.

They are part of 32 young individuals trained on the use of digital technology to access or advertise their products online along with the creation of websites and other tools. The training was also to tutor young people on how they can apply the skills in the job market or create their own businesses to provide employment.

Gifty Adankia is a Senior High School graduate, a graphic designer and a web developer. Portia Ayamga Akangoele is a student teacher, a digital marketer and a web developer. Mary Atanga is a teacher and a web developer.

The solution; QuickAid

When the Team Lead, Portia Ayamga Akangoele spoke to A1 Radio’s Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith, she explained that the startup, QuickAid aims at bridging the gap between skilled labour and available job opportunities.

“Our startup is basically about creating a website that will provide quick and reliable skilled workers to the general public and offices by expunging the stress of moving to look for one [skilled worker] yourself. Also, the website would also provide a wider market for skilled workers. The website targets skilled workers in areas such as plumbing, electrical works, cleaning, carpentering et al.”

“We seek to achieve a more convenient, easy and fast means to access the services of skilled workers at any point in time at minimal cost, time and risk creating an avenue that will provide a market for skilled workers who are almost out of business for lack of market,” she said.

Work in progress

QuickAid’s brilliant idea is still a work in progress. This is according to Miss Akangoele.

“Actually, before we started the training in web development we came up with sample ideas of what type of website would are needed in the upper region. We took our samples out into the streets [empathy trip] to get the people’s opinions. It was from there we came up with this idea.”

“We are still building,” she said.

Winning the Upper East Regional Startup Summit

“I will say the win has given us a lot of encouragement and also serves as a huge mark towards our ultimate goal. It has also given us a lot of exposure which we are hopeful will bring us some support,” Miss Akangoele said.

It is expected that once the incubation period with Danysn ISO is complete, the website would have been complete.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith|Ghana

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