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Young people worried about effect of COVID-19 on girl child education in Bolgatanga

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The youth in the Bolgatanga Municipality of the Upper East Region have been urged to embrace and join the ‘Bolgatanga Municipal Youth On Board’ project.

The Youth on Board project is driven by the Youth Opportunity and Transformation in Africa (YOTA).

The Youth Opportunity and Transformation in Africa (YOTA), as part of its two-year project, has embarked on the ‘Youth On Board’ which seeks to mobilize about 3,000 young people across eight selected Districts and Municipalities in the country.

The YOB project which has been initiated by YOTA in the Bolgatanga Municipality is to encourage positive change after the many devastating effects of the COVID-19 on youth activities particularly in the area of education.

Speaking at a forum organized by the Bolgatanga Youth On Board team, Samuel Anaba member of ‘Youth On Board’ called on youth groups to form synergistic alliances to enhance the activities of the Board. Mr. Anaba envisaged that with a lot of youth groups collaborating, the results of the Youth on Board Project can be maximised. 

“I want to call on all of you to join us to achieve this common goal. This is important because there is a saying that, if we are together, we would be stronger than standing alone. So as youth we have to come together and be strong for the development and change in our municipality.”

Michael Suhuyini Adam, another member of YOB explained that the existence of the group along with the activities scheduled to take places will bring the needed change. It was Mr. Adam’s hope that young people would actively participate in projects and programmes that are youth oriented and have the ability to cause positive change in their lives. 

On her part, Comfort Adongo Nmaah, member of ‘Youth On Board’ expressed a high level of enthusiasm about the project’s focus on advocating for the education of the girl child. 

She described the intervention as timely because during the height of the pandemic, while education across the country was hit hugely, many girls, particularly in rural areas suffered the effects more. 

“All of us here know that the education of girls in our municipality is not improving as we want it, especially after Covid- 19 hit the country. Many girls did not go back to school because some of them became pregnant while some were forced to go and get married.”

“So these are things that take our girl child education backwards. We as young people should come together and look for a solution to it. So it is important that those of us who are here should all get back and inform our members about projects for them to join us to bring the needed change to these challenges our sisters find themselves in.”

Source:A1Radioonline.Com|101.1MHZ|David Azure |Bolgatanga|Ghana

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