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Talensi: District Best farmer unhappy about lack of ready market for farmers

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Marketing plays a key role in every sector of production but for the Best farmer for the Talensi District in the Upper East Region at the just ended 38th farmers day celebration, the lack of ready market for farmers to sell their produce is affecting their profits margins. 

John Atia told A1 News that, even though production has been largely affected due to the rippling effects of the Russian-Ukraine war which has affected the global supply chain of fertilisers, farmers within his catchment area also have to contend with places to sell their wares.

He said,”some [farmers] have got the maize but even the marketing is a problem. So they [industry players] buy it the way they want. So after that maybe the cost we would have incurred to farm, at times, when we calculate we don’t get profit.”

The plight of farmers could be solved if the government supports farmers with some soft loans with little interest and establishes well regulated markets for farmers to sell their produce, this is according to the District’s best farmer.

“We farmers, we need markets. I think as I am standing here, if there are ready markets I can do over 500 acres. You know, we farmers cannot go on strike. We are suffering. A lot of farmers this year are crying,” he stressed.

In tackling the inadequate supply of government’s flagship planting for food and jobs fertilisers, he believes there are other crops that do not need much fertiliser application in growing it and therefore if farmers get support they could shift from farming fertiliser consuming grain or cereal crops to other crops like millet and other leguminous crops to feed the country and also for industrial use.

Touching on the recent predictions of looming food insecurity, he noted that, the predicted food shortage is a global issue because farmers had to downsize the farms due to their inability to afford fertilisers on the open markets to boost production. 


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