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Zebila decides: NDC has become attractive to young professionals because of NPP’s disastrous governance – PC hopeful

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So far, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) regime has been marked by numerous unhealthy social, governance, economic, and political disasters. The party has thus become unattractive to young professionals who are interested in building political careers and fostering development at the local level. 

Maxwell Ziyerley Abgambilla, one of seven individuals who have successfully filed their nominations ahead of the NDC’s primaries in the coming weeks. 

“The NPP has delivered to us, a very disastrous governance, and as a result, our country is at its lowest point. I think that there is a yearning across the length and breadth of this country for people who want to help rescue this country.”

Mr. Abgambilla, a private legal practitioner, explained to Mark Smith on A1 Radio’s Day Break Upper East Show that it has become necessary for well-meaning Ghanaians to put themselves up for political leadership positions to help steer the country towards economic and political success. 

“I am particularly excited about young people, young professionals putting themselves forward for this. I have always held the view that if we, who are sufficiently well educated, who appear to understand the needs of the people, who are honest, who, for lack of a better expression, abhor corruption, don’t put ourselves forward to manage the affairs of the country, some others would do it, and the repercussions of the same would be what we have at the moment.”

According to the parliamentary parliamentary hopeful, the show of interest by professionals in political leadership positions could reduce the risk of corruption. 

“I am excited that most of them are professionals, and then the temptation to go and do funny things would be reduced to the barest minimum. Look, I say this with the greatest of respect to all others, but I am a lawyer. If I go into politics and I want to put my principles and philosophies out there and I meet a dead end, I am not scared to go home because I won’t go hungry. I can always go and pick up my wig and gown and dust them. I have a profession. I won’t go hungry.”

“The difficulty, usually, and I say this again with the greatest of respect to all others, when people abandon their jobs and get into politics, they’re forced to stay there because [they think] if I leave, where do I go to. What do I do? For example, if you are selling things and you abandon that and go into politics, and it doesn’t go well, are you going to come and start from point zero or what? It forces people to go into conflict of interest situations,” he said. 

Lawyer Abgambilla explained that he stands tall and is expecting a resounding approval of his bid at the primaries. 

A total of seven people successfully filed nominations in the Zebila constituency. They are; Dr. Simon Batamya Aseno, Mr. Bernard Wintimah Azumah, Lawyer Maxwell Ziyerley Agbambilla, Mr. Ebenezer Alumire Ndebilla, Mr. Nelson Ndeba Ndebugre, Mr. Abukura Asumda, Hon. Agbango Simon Ayande. [Filing of Nominations, NDC – 2023]

Cletus Avoka, the current MP, bowed out of politics. When he spoke to A1 Radio, he mentioned that the decision was to allow younger individuals the opportunity to lead the party. 

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith|Ghana

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