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Talensi NDC decides: BT Baba meets PC aspirants; encourages civil campaigns devoid of insults

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Member of Parliament for the Talensi Constituency, Benson Tong Baba, met with seven of the eight parliamentary candidates in the constituency party’s headquarters in Tongo yesterday, May 1st, 2023.

In his address to the meeting, the Talensi Lawmaker, who is not seeking reelection, initially complimented the candidates on making it through the various phases of the primaries.

He equally expressed his appreciation and satisfaction over the peaceful and civil manner with which they have conducted their campaigns  thus far and urged them, including their supporters, to continue to campaign on issues.

The representative of the Talensi Constituency in the august House of Parliament, popularly known as the Farmers’ Friend due to his numerous interventions and support schemes for smallholder farmers in Talensi, has reiterated his resolve not to support any of the candidates despite incessant pressure from the constituency to endorse one.

He explained that his decision not to back any candidate is to enable him to play his mediating role effectively in the event of fallouts after the election. Furthermore, he warned those close to him to stay away from the campaign activities of any candidate. He urged everyone to report any close associate of his who disregards this directive so that he can sever ties with them. He believes that this will not only send the right signal but also help address any unnecessary suspicions of his tacit endorsement of anyone in the race.

The Member of Parliament (M.P.) applauded the Constituency Chairman, John Millim Nabwomya, and his executives for their impartiality thus far. However, he was firm in reiterating that any executive member who acted against their moral duty would not be tolerated.

The M.P. also reaffirmed his earlier commitment to support whoever emerges victorious. He challenged the octagon to ensure that H.E. President John Mahama secures a 100% endorsement in the upcoming Presidential Primaries. He urged everyone to campaign for the former president and engage delegates for their support, aiming to surpass his previous record of producing the highest percentage for the president in the Upper East Region and the second highest in the country. This would be a fitting tribute to him, as well as to the Hon. Chairman Nabwomya’s led executives at all levels in the Constituency.

His submissions, which were greeted with thunderous applause, were hailed and described as masterful, timely, exemplary, pacesetting, and appropriate in light of the levels of acrimony and rancour that have so far characterised the campaign activities in other sister constituencies in the region and elsewhere.

The candidates expressed their gratitude to the M.P. for his fatherly and moderating role during the vetting process. They pledged to uphold the oath they signed and indicated their willingness to sign another undertaking at the Constituency level to give him and his team of executives the assurance that they would not engage in any attacks or actions that could undermine the progress made so far. They also urged him to bring to their attention any issues that fall short of his expectations.

The atmosphere before and during the meeting was characterized by lively conversations, handshakes, hugs, and pleasant exchanges, creating a sense of nostalgia and optimism that the Talensi Constituency would emerge from the election with unity and serve as a positive example for others to follow.

The details of the meeting were shared with this website by the Talensi Communication Officer, Michael Nangena.

Source: A1radioonline.com|101.1MHz|Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith|Ghana

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